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If you ride your bike for while you will hungry. Now supplying athletes with nutrition is big money business. You can pretty much get yourself 500$ worth of supplement to keep yourself going, and for the most part they do work pretty good. However at some point you got to wonder, how healthy is all that sugar in your body. It seems pretty silly for me for people to work so hard to eliminate carbs from their diet but having no issue popping gels like they are diabetics.
One of the goals for this year is to rely a bit less on those supplements ( minus the electrolites) thus far it has been going pretty good. If you rode with me you probably will see me eating beef jerky and drinking a soda. That’s about it.
Weekend was pretty good.
Saturday was windy but the tail wind made it for fairly nice and quick ride back. That night MK and I visited new middle eastern restaurant in midtown and saw descendents. Good food good movie.
Sunday I watched CX words and rode a MTB for about 4 hours. The new XTR 2×10 is pretty nice for sure, it really shines in place like Jewell there you can run pretty much all the gears in matter of 5 miles…

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