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DIY==> food craze

I will not bore people with the details of the weekend. The summation is this…

  • Noah and I Slugged away 100 miles Saturday it was a grind with about 40 miles into the headwind and with only  two people, it is hard work. But it’s done I think he will be out on next weekends adventure.
  • Sunday was windy again speeds went from normal, slow to ridiculous….. it was a fast ride almost 80 miles in just over 4 hours. Some segment were about 35+ or so I was told…

Regardless it was a lot of fun…  275 miles for the week.  We will see what happens  this week (I have meeting in Lincoln for T.I. )

I’ve been on cooking spree of late. I figured might as well share some of my creations to people. I do love to cook and local and organic ingredients are awesome to use if you can help it.  The local  version of the feta cheese gives one some ideas. Like let’s make a quiche.


Those things are pretty easy to make. All you need is tart/pie crust recipe/filling and cream/milk egg combo. The only kicker is to keep the ratio of milk/egg together so it’s not to runny and you don’t have to cook the sucker for ever. Where do I find the recipe for pie crust? that’s where. This would be a good start. Not to get super detailed, secret of pie crust is integrating butter with the flour and using the moisture part of butter to create flaky bits.

You will have to pre-bake pie crust but after that the process is super easy. Saute whatever you like, combine with cheese/egg/milk mixture and bake.  Until the egg mixture set. The result is awesomeness. Best part it’s take 1 hour total to do that is with baking time of 50 minutes. It does take some planning but it’s totally worth it. DIY simple with no preservatives.done and done

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