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dakota 5-0


Let just say that drive to south Dakota is long and laborious process which takes some time. There drive is pretty boring and windy, it was long and uneventful 8 hours in car.    When we got to the Spearfish city campground the Omaha/Lincoln crew were just guarding the flame.  The campground itself is pretty sweet plush grass next to creek showers close to the start.  Sweet bacon.  We setup a tent and went to bed.   Saturday I everyone was going to pre-ride the course, that was after some sweet coffee and b-fast bagels from common grounds coffee house.   One of the coolest things was riding out 10 people plus out of the campground to ride the course, that was pretty sweet i believe we were a posse.   And then there was climbing and more climbing and some more climbing on top of that. It was good eye opener for Sunday.  But it was good times  rest of the day was spend eating and waiting for food and butter at local eateries.

Sunday was race time, I said good luck to all the fast cats and proceed to get to the mid pack of riders. I wasn’t in contention for anything and it would be easier to pass people on the long climb then  go balls out.   That plan worked pretty good I said passed most of the single speed contingent from Nebraska and settled for solid pace. The only one I didn’t see was Showen who apparently was pretty thirsty as he sprinted to checkpoint for some beers.   As the saying does what goes up must come down and the  first climb was rewarded with some sweet open meadows and some awesome downhill fire roads. It was good times. I saw Megan and Anne at checkpoint #1 and #2 and I was just cruising along.  There were couple of hike a bike section as riders were still bunched together pretty well.  It was pretty uneventful until checkpoint #4 and the long climb, which must be going for over a mile it’s not that it’s steep but it’s just sooo freaking long and gets fairly technical 2/3rd up. Like Roxy said the thing is once you get knocked off the line you have to hike a bike to the top… Well that’s what happened I rode to the rocks and then just proceeded to hike bike… the reward for climbing that sucker is a can of PBR .   That might of been a mistake on my part.  I slammed my beer down and proceeded to super sketchy descent followed by limestone road with no shade anywhere to be seen, PBR was taking it’s toll I slowed way the hell down until i reached the single track again.  Single track and the shade gave me the second wind and I manage to get myself together and pick up the pace.. Final time 5:27 which was ahead of my estimate of 5:45 hours.  the trail reminded me a lot of the rainbow trail.   Congrats to Mod, Roxy Lucas and Dave from Lincoln for dominating  the course you guys were riding really strong.

I’m going back next year. For sure. Couple of things. No pics from me

  • Seedhouse 3 is pretty sweet tent
  • No Pbr for me at hobo camp
  • stop at only two checkpoint instead of three
  • Ride a bit faster now that I know the layout of the course
  • 29er and tubeless is the way to ride this course it’s rocky enough where big wheels give you advantage

P.S. I didn’t know  at the time until after this chick was on my wheel until checkpoint 1. I obviously had no idea who she was…

P.P.S. pic from MOD

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