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daily digg addiction

No matter how much of a nerd you are, and lets face it we all geek out about something as long as you work in IT job i can guarantee one commonality. You will spend at least an hour if not more getting a fix of electronic crack. The E.C. first started with the original website for all computing news being gaming or new government rules. In recent trend and to satisfy publics alleged need for information DIGG took off and made many nerds into addicts of the news feed. While slashdot readers appeared my mature, and let me generalize and say they are, Digg readers are ridiculous, the comments remind me of two 15 year old arguing, or more accurately bring a memory of the academic decathlon participants I had to supervised at one competition. The main point of argument what kind of weapon you would be if you could have that power. Silly yet really entertaining. Digg has evolved to more than news hubs, its a culture it’s crazy. Where else can you find out about latest Apple products, diss Playstation 3 and look at “Tons of Pictures” and other fun stuff web games are pretty good for sure. The latest craze which I find interesting are two blogs by dude who is way into MMO games and his wife. Both of these people will attempt to live on 10$ worth of food for two weeks, totally shattering Raychel Ray’s 40 dollars a day spending. I don’t know what are they trying to accomplish I do not know how this bring light to poor, homeless people in impoverished nations. We will see how it does one thing for sure, ever since Supersize Me people are crazy about trying crazy diets for period of time

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