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Cycling weekend

Megan went to Vegas to dominate penny slots and those weird frozen drinks at Fremont st. Corn Syrup and alcohol it’s like banana’s and blow.  This will work out great for me I need some miles in before next weekend. Sky looked pretty weird yesterday on way to work. Bacon ride Sunday. In other news food coop is now open a pickup station in Bellevue, heck yes this is a lot more convenient then going to Benson.


1 comment to Cycling weekend

  • I took a day off today I kicked off my own version of “Cycling Weekend.” I took the single speed out for a 49 mile tour of Iowa’s hills.

    Never, ever, ride Old Lincoln Highway, at least not during the week! Bryan R. helped me get back to CB safely via a calmer, hillier road.

    Miles might be planning some kind of ride this weekend. I haven’t seen any details at Munson’s blog yet, though.

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