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CX worlds

Just got back to Omaha after great weekend in KY. The whole weekend was surreal long and exhausting  but so freaking sweet. Friday Morning we went to set up the Tents and walk the course. If you could have explained the situation I would say cold and windy. I got to watch couple of the races then it was back to getting Mark ready for his race. The weather warmed up and it was getting to be a muddy mess. Tom and I knew we would have our hand busy, especially with no running power washers. We had good system and Tom is awesome to work with; the race was super blurry. Mark started off a bit slower than normal but by second lap he was in 3rd place. Then things go confusing Pete Webber hit a barrier in Pit 2, Mark closed the gap to 5-7 seconds. When they came around and for another lap mark kept going and Pete had to turn around in the pits and get the old bike. We yelled for Mark to go and he quickly got a good gap. This made both of us go even faster on the cleaning we kind of knew unless there was mechanical Mark should keep his advantage. Pretty freaking cool. After last bike swap we just stood in the pits and looked for the finish. The pits had great view f start finish after Mark crossed the line Tom and I hugged each other. Nebraska has World Champion how cool is that…aftermath

This is right after the race…


Day of first  UCI doping chaperon .  Apparently not a bad job according to him… I will take your word for it dude

Top Step

my people

Couple of PZKOl guys.  PZKOL didn’t send any élite athletes to worlds… bummer. These guys were here for the masters worlds championships.

Saturday was just amazing.  I was rooting for Czech team since they are at least slavic peps :D. IT was long awesome day out there. I saw a lot of friends from around the country. I met Ira Ryan ad trek cxc party , pretty cool .

Rest of the pictures are here.  I was super glad MK came along and had great time.


Now is time to refocus and get some miles in Cirrem is right around the corner.

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