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cranksgiving and waiting

Saturday was  3rd annual Cranksgiving at Bike masters.  It wasp pretty fun times lots of faces, some of the fresh from their abstencia out there good time and good people. Thanks for Brian and all the volunteers that made the event possible you guys spend a lot of time to make sure the event is a hit. 3 years 3 cranks the gold one  still eludes but I did win sweet bowl of soup.  Originally I was going to ride back home but my dad needed some help with loading bunch of old concrete on to the dump so I got ride home from Ann thanks again for doing that. After it was all said and done I didn’t really get home until 7 pm and was pretty freaking tired bottle of wine and an night on town turned out to be night on the couch.

Sunday was supposed to be glorious shopping with Megan and then go and pick up my bike  only to find the rear wheels drops paint chipped. Oh crap that’s not cool at all that means extra waiting time . Thanks god for awesomeness of trek omaha and fisher/trek warranty. From what I have seen from the bike in person I liked not the lightest bike out there but pretty sharp the utility features are pretty sweet I was salivating about putting some 28 c  tires for winter rides. Alas that will have to wait  for bit longer…. Maybe when I get back from STL

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