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cirrem 2015

Hey you might have heard rumors of this blogs demise, I can assure you they are greatly exaggerated. It’s been a while since I posted I think many people switched to microblogging and while that’s fine sometimes I get an urge to write something. Hopefully this means more than once every couple of months.

Anyways, so 2015 racing started, If you haven’t done Cirrem yet I would highly encuourage you to spend 25$ and go next year. Event is fun, there some climbing some river valley ridding and more importantly there is food and beer at the end. Good times to be had for mere 25$. I’m not going to say bunch of people flaked out but I will say Omaha contingent was 50% show up rate, mainly because people who flaked out are delicate flowers and are afraid of the cold.

Top of the climb

The plan this year was pretty easy ride easy for 30 miles then see what happens at top of the big climb. The second part of the course I a lot flatter and if you get in good group you can get cooking on the flats pretty good. So when we were riding   in the lead group I noticed the pace was pretty high 19 miles per hour. I did get spit out on the downhill section of one of the hills, such is the joy of single speed. But the front group was not that far off. I knew that out of the 20 guys ahead some would come back. Which they eventually did. As far I’m concerned that all good with me. I settled and was riding with Greg Gleason and 2 SS guys from KC area. The pace was okay but me being sick whole weeks assured that I wouldn’t have the kick I usually do I did feel somewhat sluggish for first 30 miles.   I knew what I needed to do, get in group and ride off the other 2 dudes of my wheel. Well that didn’t happen I shed on guy but the younger fella named mark made the break and was dangling in front of me rest of the ride. He made it to the group of about 7-8 and it was just Greg and I for last 30 miles. We did worked pretty good but you can’t bring 8 guys with only 2 people. I was hoping that the group would fall apart and it would be just bunch of guys riding to the finish.


That never happened so we chased in vain and ran out of miles. I got second and 17th or so. I think if I wasn’t sick could of done better but such is winter riding in Midwest. That’s it folks. Looks like season I just starting, will probably do less remote races this year. I was a bit bummed not to go to Arkansas but it in long term I think that will be better.



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