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Before I start off on the report I would like to Thank both Kent and Jed and the feller who own Cummings Tap and Sam Auen. This is pretty well-organized event for 25$ you get beer/food a shirt and some shwag.  They invested  a lot of time into this event and it shows. I will be back next year for sure. Before the race I didn’t know how well I will do. I spend most of the week earlier helping Todd with our wooden floors.  Monday before I couldn’t climb at all I was very tired from arching my back pretty much non stop for a week straight. Looking back the snowstorm probably helped I sat at home and didn’t touch a bike for 2 days.  Morning of; Lowell, Kevin Monty and some other dude got  in Trek van and drover over the to DSM. The night before I agonized over gear choice I really didn’t know how much snow they got so i went one bigger cog  than originally planned. Hindsight I would have been fine with 67 inch gearing, but that is  the nature or riding in winter you never know what can happen when you are out for 4 hours.

I made last-minute clothing change dumping thermal jacket and grabbing the wind vest instead.  That proved to be good call rather being on cold side than sweating.
The race started off pretty mellow. I did kiss the ground on the first corner (glad to get that out-of-the-way) The first 30 miles were marked but steady pace and me sitting in and not doing much of anything.  There were some people trying to be upfront  whole time but with slight headwind why would you be willing to sit up there for no clear reason. But if you want to sit upfront more power to you… The only eventful section was a closed bridge someone wiping out in at that section  and me getting some cx dismounts.  The checkpoint was right ahead. I filled up my water bottle and headed out trying to get a gap on Kent.   The next section was pretty much downhill tail wind, it took me a while to catch most of the people in front of me and we road together for about  20 miles until long straight tailwind section.   Then i got lost somehow. I had to wait  for Kent and rest of the guys.  Kent and I rode in together. I asked him if he want to sprint it out or just cross together. He said lets sprint it out.  I got him at the last corner  and that was the race.


Free beer and free tacos followed. I also love this handmade trophy by squirrel… pretty  cool… cogs

I spend rest of the weekend cheering on Todd to finish the floors at our house and cleaning up. Needless to say I am pretty wrecked after this weekend. I can’t imagine how Todd feels.    This late winter snow storms are screwing up my plans for riding MTB ins MO/KC in 3 weeks but then again their weather is a lot warmer and  their trails generally drain/dry a lot faster than ours.


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