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Last weekend, Megan an I piled on to the california zephyr and headed towards the  windy city.  The Amtrak is pretty nice if you are not in the hurry to get anywhere and if not planning on eating their food. My advice for anyone considering the train; plan in advance, allow 3-4 hours of leeway and bring as much food as you can carry and if you like beer or something stronger bring that as well unless you want to pay airplane prices. The main reason for the trip was lollapalooza . With two great bands playing two nights Radiohead and Rage it was hard not too go… Another reason was free lodging at my friend leah’s house in Ukrainian village… I must admit some of the friends of our family used to live there in 1990’s and that place looked a lot different than it does now.. It was a lot more Ukrainian and less hipster… but i digress… I think hipster neighborhood are pretty funny… in way it’s like one trying to keep up with the jones’  in coolness… ironic you say? yes it is but that’s the point…

Leah took us to couple good places including the  Map Room, some sushi place which was B.Y.O.B…, the food was pretty good from what i remember but it’s not like you can have bad sushi…

Thursday we went to check out Shed Aquarium and Field Natural History Museum for some culture… Both I highly recommend if you never been worth the price of admission…

The festival was pretty awesome for most part the parts that sucked were normal list of complains at the festivals such as:

  • hot weather
  • lines
  • toilets
  • long walks between stages

Here the list of the shows/artist that we did get to chance to see…They were all pretty good except Black keys (technical issue of sound delay on some of the speakers made us leave halfway through the set)

  • Day 1
  • Radiohead (Great)
  • Black Keys ( Technical Issues otherwise good set)
  • Gogol Bordello ( energy packed show –> great)
  • Yeasayer ( good as always)
  • Cat Power (mellow set)
  • CSS (Crazy dancing music okay)
  • Grizzly Bear ( good set as always)
  • Day 2
  • Devotchka ( pro’s like always)
  • Okkervil River ( i didn’t know they can play big)
  • Explosion in the Sky ( instrumental bliss)
  • Battles ( math “stoner” music)
  • Toddies ( i don’t  know why people like them)
  • Rage ( craziness ensued)
  • Day 3
  • Brazilian Girls (pretty good dance music annoying lead singer)
  • Chromeo ( holly crap 80’s are coming back)
  • Black Kids ( i don’t know what to say… indie pop)
  • Iron and Wine ( groovy man)
  • Gnarls Barkley ( good set nice costumes)
  • National (pretty good)
  • Kanye West ( not my thing but pretty good)

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