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frutti de mar

My big passion in life is cooking. If didn’t bike I would probably just cook and eat. Minus Indian, Thai and sushi I find myself being able to match most of the local eateries with food made at home. I wanted to learn how to make a pizza a learned to make dough at home. […]


If you ride your bike for while you will hungry. Now supplying athletes with nutrition is big money business. You can pretty much get yourself 500$ worth of supplement to keep yourself going, and for the most part they do work pretty good. However at some point you got to wonder, how healthy is all […]

that’s not the way


So here we are last weekend of January.  For most part is has been pretty uneventful,  I went to couple of swim meets and some team functions. Yeah teenagers are weird. I have been on a solid riding grove. Getting some good 12-15 hours  weeks or about 200 miles +/- 20. That’s the plan […]

Magic happens

Gravel Magic Happens you just need to look hard. BTW the SOPA is a big deal.

2011 year in review

If there is one way to sum up my experience on a bike this year it would be rain. Every big event I went to had some sort of precipitation. In way I felt like Forrest Gump the rain was constant. There was drizzle, summer storms, mud coldness mud bike cleaning triumph, failure, self-doubt, self-pity, […]

Jingle Cross Rocks

Originally I was going to  do this whole racing thing all the way to Nationals, but man that’s another month or racing, training now being  home.   My reasons for calling it a season are 3 folds. One I needed a break, since October I spend many weekends on the road,  and I’m sorry this stuff […]