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Just riding around here most of my buddies went to Nationals. Looks like a mess .

just a bit of DM for your weekend

All cx all the time

So cx is getting ramped for 2012/2013. The consensus seems to be that everyone is getting faster. The wed night practices are really hard and everyone is just beating the crap out each other. This is translating pretty well regionally. I think NE racers can go to pretty much any regional race and compete for […]

breck 100

Minus a trip to Salida back in 2008 I would say my riding in high altitude has been somewhat limited. Needless to say it was a bit of a challenge of how to race 100 miles at 8000 ft. of elevation. The plan was formulated. MK and I will go to CO early spend our […]

It’s been a while

All quiet on octane front.

Things have been busy in my little world. Biking kind of took a seat back after Dirty Kanza things got supper busy with work and I just not able to get the volume of riding I would like. Last weekend it was supposed to prep for cheq 100 that quickly […]

ouachita challenge 2012

This weekend Cornbread, Good MD Scott and I headed to Arkansas for some great single track riding that was Ouachita Challenge. This was my first time in the state of Arkansas it was pretty interesting. Ouachita area reminds me of Slovakia and Czech republic… people not so much. I can say this much dudes can […]

Zen Arcade pizza

So when on group ride Sunday, Shim told me a secret. “Man when I jam out to Zen Arcade I get hungry ” he said, that’s understandable that is a long punk master piece double LP goodness. He probably got hungry when switching the LP 1 for LP 2. Well I have you covered homie…