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I’m back

So…. It’s been a while. Just haven’t had much of anything to say for a while but that will change. While Brady, Fred and I guess Now BR are writing some blogs on Friday I won’t because that’s a lot reading for one day. Plus you know their stories are of valor and termination or […]

salsa-off or something along those lines

It’s been pretty quiet on the blog maybe lack of epic ride or self-accomplishment has something to do with that fact but in reality is I have been super busy work/home jury duty it all adds up. I guess I could write about cx training but that’s the point. Let me paraphrase old futbol saying, […]

memorial weekend

The forecast looks crappy for sure. I will be riding a bit this weekend got some plans for the back yard. But mainly getting the bike dialed for DK200.

When I was doing all my solo long rides I would listen to Gillian Welsh. I was lucky enough to see them […]

agony and ecstasy

Just like that 2013 MTB campaign is underway. Just like last year it started off with Ouachita challenge. Unlike last year the cast of NE people was bit less. I ended up riding up with Corey Friday night stayed in some hotel made it in good time to Oden, AR. I like to call this […]

Happy International Women’s Day

My female comrades this one is for you. Build a better future for everyone



Usually around 3:45 pm I start checking out at work, time to tidy up everything up and tied up loose ends and call it good for the day. Yesterday I just happened to be browsing Strava, then I started looking at various segments of of rides in Omaha. It was really not a surprise to […]