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bone bender

This is second weekend in row where I was out of town for a race. This one was a bit closer in Lawrence, KS; more specifically Clinton Lake. For those of you not familiar I will say this, Clinton Lake if probably one of the most challenging and technical trails in Midwest. The trail is […]

agony and ecstasy

Just like that 2013 MTB campaign is underway. Just like last year it started off with Ouachita challenge. Unlike last year the cast of NE people was bit less. I ended up riding up with Corey Friday night stayed in some hotel made it in good time to Oden, AR. I like to call this […]

My first road race ever

Well there isn’t much to say about it. The race was pretty uneventful. Minus the two times someone almost crashed me out. Once 4 miles before finish once in the last corner. The last corner incident was pretty much the race someone chopped the corner and I had to slow way down. Got stuck in […]


Before I start off on the report I would like to Thank both Kent and Jed and the feller who own Cummings Tap and Sam Auen. This is pretty well-organized event for 25$ you get beer/food a shirt and some shwag. They invested a lot of time into this event and it shows. I will […]

warmer days

After next week we should finally get some nicer weather. Spring is right around the corner. In my mind gravel racers are Midwest’s spring classics… I love this picture a lot fast dudes in this picture for sure… and a lot of nice people. Say hello to Mr. May, Joe Meiser.. working on his […]

CX worlds

Just got back to Omaha after great weekend in KY. The whole weekend was surreal long and exhausting but so freaking sweet. Friday Morning we went to set up the Tents and walk the course. If you could have explained the situation I would say cold and windy. I got to watch couple of the […]