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Usually around 3:45 pm I start checking out at work, time to tidy up everything up and tied up loose ends and call it good for the day. Yesterday I just happened to be browsing Strava, then I started looking at various segments of of rides in Omaha. It was really not a surprise to […]

year in review

2012 was pretty good year on and off the bike. I spend a lot to time riding and meeting very interesting people. I always like to go to and try new places to ride. This past year I explored some of the best trails in the country while it was Arkansas, Wisconsin or Colorado. I […]

Gravel Worlds 2012

Believe it or not this is the 4th year I have rode this event, I rode it before it was gravel worlds and only 60 people did this thing. Many things changed these events are getting more popular I mean people design bikes just for these events. Regardless 4 years ago I decided to do […]

breck 100

Minus a trip to Salida back in 2008 I would say my riding in high altitude has been somewhat limited. Needless to say it was a bit of a challenge of how to race 100 miles at 8000 ft. of elevation. The plan was formulated. MK and I will go to CO early spend our […]

its hot here

This this happened  Iowa bianche strada

Yup I  took this picture with a freaking 100 iso film. Anywho , it’s freaking hot here .  MK and I had enough we going to Colorado to be hippies for two weeks.


It’s been a while

All quiet on octane front.

Things have been busy in my little world. Biking kind of took a seat back after Dirty Kanza things got supper busy with work and I just not able to get the volume of riding I would like. Last weekend it was supposed to prep for cheq 100 that quickly […]