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It was nice to race locally and for shorter duration. Ponca State Park is my favorite if the trails are dry you can carve some sweet lines. Alas that was not the case this year. During my pre ride lap it dumped and I got soaked. The trail was mess. Roxy pushed the start time […]

dirty kanza 200

Start of June, means only one thing on my calendar. Dirty Kanza… if there is race that has gotten the better of me for the last 3 years it is Dirty Kanza. This ultra is one of toughest one day race in U.S. Combination of heat/wind and just though terrain make it a difficult day […]

getting closer…

from 2011 i believe

best laid schemes of mice and men

Well this weekend I went to Mount View, AR to give Syllamos 125k a shot. I felt pretty good heading to the weekend and I knew the trail would be pretty technical in spots. I figured it would be last long ride before DK. Little did I know it was going to be a pretty […]

you want me to do what?

So it’s not that much of secret or maybe it is .. Mark has told me what to do… for some time now ( okay so really riding my training plans). When I looked at May 11th I was like oh sweet Race Platte, I failed to see the and then ride for 5-6 hours […]

clean break ….

Last week while riding to work on my SS i heard a pop then there was some banging… I though this might be loose rear hub. Nope it was the frame it cracked. My Nature boy was broken.

Clean break as they say… I rode the shit out of this bike. Couple of Gravel […]