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race against rain

In latest edition of race against rain, the gist of the story is I got my ass handed to me on 10th street less than mile away from work. I will be getting a ride back from someone as I have no dry clothes left.


Cycling weekend

Megan went to Vegas to dominate penny slots and those weird frozen drinks at Fremont st. Corn Syrup and alcohol it’s like banana’s and blow. This will work out great for me I need some miles in before next weekend. Sky looked pretty weird yesterday on way to work. Bacon ride Sunday. In other news […]

wind wins

wind vs. some shitty plastic stand. Verdict wind wins.

My thought go out to Brian, who is in hospital again.

all you need to know

So battle royale was this weekend I’m not Beastie boy but here is what you need to know.

I started off really well forth into single track Dude from KC locked up the brakes I totally hit his back wheel Short fly over the bars messed up handlebar I’m in 6 or 7th Pass […]

Mandatory Friday Commute

Knickers and regular gloves yes… spring is comming.

Cirrem is a wash literally

worky workie worky

Working 5 days a week. What a drag dude..

At least I have something to look at on way to work