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cirrem 2015

Hey you might have heard rumors of this blogs demise, I can assure you they are greatly exaggerated. It’s been a while since I posted I think many people switched to microblogging and while that’s fine sometimes I get an urge to write something. Hopefully this means more than once every couple of months.

Anyways, […]

May weekend

After yesterday I realized that majority of the routes we have in Omaha are north south bound, or so it seems. Yesterday the wind was straight of the east. I mean super strong wind. I had the plans to ride the first 50 miles of the July Grand Fondo loop but I didn’t start riding […]

I’m back

So…. It’s been a while. Just haven’t had much of anything to say for a while but that will change. While Brady, Fred and I guess Now BR are writing some blogs on Friday I won’t because that’s a lot reading for one day. Plus you know their stories are of valor and termination or […]

Manion CX

This weekend Noah and drove 3 hours to KC to race manion cx. The race is a good one it’s on side of hill and it’s very challenging and technical in nature you are descending or climbing the whole time. Briton puts on the event and it’s pretty good CX weekend.

Day 1

It was […]

going to KC

I’m going to K.C. to race some SS CX. The manion course is fun.. it will be interesting with rain in forecast Saturday. Time to grab some mud tires and alloy rims

Here’s some NPR Tiny Desk Series with lots of people around it. As Shim would say f-ing hippies


lets ride bike most of the day

Back in the spring when I was riding all the solo miles getting ready for Dirty Kanza, I would also try to go to both Mills/Fremont county. Both of the counties span across Loess Hills and have multiple tributaries of Missouri River. While ti’s no Southern MN/Northern Iowa the vista are great. I always liked […]