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Fun and Games

Saturday I joined Eb and rest of the peps from pedal Omaha for some pedal action. The ride was awesome we had 10 people i believe, Bob and Munson Wrote about it i know Lucas took some great photos including some sweet ice riding at Manawa… Over all it was good times for sure. Megan […]

people are funny

After getting some awesome sushi at sushi Japan we ended up not doing much of anything friday night. Saturday it was Sarah’s birthday but before that happened I went and rode 40 miles with James, once again Ponca hills provided a good ride… Funny how many people usually increase their creativity and come out with […]

Mustache challenge

That’s right kids! It’s that time again… I vowed to have sweet mustache when we go to colorado in 2 months… Inspired by mod and encouraged by many Mario lovers i have decided to start growing a sweet stache.. It will be magnificent on the other hand NKOTK will be playing in Omaha this year […]

oh mother of virtual computing

I spend most of the day at work playing around with Virtual server 2005 R2. Specifically installing the new Ubuntu 7.10 release. For one reason or another cdrom will not mount. I’ve decided to try something different, since i know for a fact version 7.04 works on VS2005 i decided to install that version first. […]