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Happy b-day to me

Last weekend was way to crazy write down all the details of what happened, for one i was to busy; secondly I wasn’t near a computer this weekend. The following list will basically outline my weekend more in bulleted list form

I’m not good at guitar hero I don’t know what me in 08 is […]

windy and crowded

Saturday, James, Andres his brother and I did cranksgiving event sponsored by Bike Masters. The event was pretty fun, except for super windy conditions and rude west Omaha drivers who were honking at me for riding on the streets. To my surprised i did get second in single speed, but there really wasn’t that many […]

itunes… songbird is way better

For several years we all heard about how awesome is Itunes and how easy it is to operate. Let’s face it if you had an ipod that software was necessary to upload all the goodies to your new toy. Well over the time it became to big. Well wait no more, and I do realize […]

no whisling please

Well Andrew Bird is not for me, or more accurately I couldn’t get the tickets to the whistling violin totting virtuoso. Megan and I were both surprised with the apparent sold out show last night at the Sokol Underground. Who knew? That will teach me, the only time I don’t get tickets for show it […]

Black Gold Kasher Leaves

NPR and PBS do not get enough credit in today’s media crazed world. I have always been listening/watching both of them for long period of time. This is the only way to get information which is not U.S. Centric, in form of BBC broadcast as well as many other informative programming. If you have HDTV, […]

man man challenge

man manYour mission if you choose to accepted and if you are capable of doing so, is to grow sweet stache and show up to MAN MAN event on April 10th, @ Waiting Room.