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uneventfull weekened

This last weekend was pretty slow for most part a lot of work around a house a trip to films streams for “son of rambow“. Saturday was spend riding up north in the morning, watching some of the DNC rules committee on cnn and some IPA drinking at night. For those of you who don’t […]

Mustache challenge

That’s right kids! It’s that time again… I vowed to have sweet mustache when we go to colorado in 2 months… Inspired by mod and encouraged by many Mario lovers i have decided to start growing a sweet stache.. It will be magnificent on the other hand NKOTK will be playing in Omaha this year […]

mothers day

So this weekend was mother’s order to celebrate I went and got some food to make awesome egg Benedict… It might make me a bad person but I love eggs only farm raised local eggs but they’re so good, especially the hollandaise sauce. My mom also scored pretty good book from amazon, which of […]

the bad, the good the sunny

Wow that was busy weekend… I think the older you get the less enjoyable your weekends become it’s just all busy work. Two shows this weekend one pretty bad and drawn out the other one snappy and just amazing… Friday night we met up Aimee and Lowell for Kimya Dawson and David Dondero what […]

feisty omaha in July

According to Tim@lazy-i. Feist is coming to Omaha, for the free show this summer, July27th. Way better than those “punkers” plain white-t. Also if you should sing all-age show petition from slowdown it does before city council. I mean you should sign it if you don’t believe that music is the tool of the devil….


The weekend update

Well this weekend was pretty slow for me, this is in large due to the fact I was sick with the flu, I didn’t ride this weekend nor did I run at all last week, I got 40 minutes in on the stationary bike last Monday, not good, but what are you going to do. […]