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Sad indeed

Pretty Sad news really… I love magnolia electric co. The guy is only 5 years older than me.. Crazy

papa has brand new deck

While cleaning/cooking or doing other manly things around the house couple of weeks I decided to play some sweet talking heads: 77 lp. Well that was short lived i put the record on and nothing happens. With direct drives there is not that much to check if the platter is not spinning. You can check […]

arizona dreaming

So Miss Megan an I decided to visit my brother in Tucson, AZ before he moves to Chicago. The timing of the trip couldn’t be any better… It was crappy and raining in good old Omaha. I got to see what the whole deicing of the plane, weird stuff. The plan for Arizona was simple […]

my morning jacket

I’ve been to Stir twice once for Flaming Lips another for MMJ last night. Couple of observations:

a) Stir is weird place (it’s a the casino, its on the hill , there are tons of security guards everywhere)

b) A lot of people from lincoln apperantly love MMJ (accually that is not that suprising)

c) […]

life during wartime

Yes yes it’s true David Byrne is coming to Omaha. If you never been to one of his shows and you love Talking Heads you must go it’s probably one of the better live shows you can see it’s at the holland performing art center which makes it even better since the sound at that […]


Last weekend, Megan an I piled on to the california zephyr and headed towards the windy city. The Amtrak is pretty nice if you are not in the hurry to get anywhere and if not planning on eating their food. My advice for anyone considering the train; plan in advance, allow 3-4 hours of leeway […]