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Wielkanoc (Easter)

The ride Saturday was stupid fast. I got my 100+ before heading home… Easter at our house is awesome. In Poland Easter is big deal it’s almost bigger than Christmas. I decide to go with some patte/terrine making for brunch at my parents house. My mom still make best White Barszcz ever…. I used this […]

DIY==> food craze

I will not bore people with the details of the weekend. The summation is this…

Noah and I Slugged away 100 miles Saturday it was a grind with about 40 miles into the headwind and with only two people, it is hard work. But it’s done I think he will be out on next weekends […]


If you know me, you know I love pork. I have all kind of useful and useless pork trivia and I can talk about preserving meat by smoking and drying for hours. Weirdly only Joshua was willing to talk at length about the given subject. Alas… I can tell you more in person. Last evening […]

end of summer

The labor day weekend started off with a bit of weirdness to say the least. Megan got convinced to see come out and see this exibit called. “What is the 99“. Short awnser it’s non denomination christian propaganda unleashed on kids/teens who’s english might or might not be a primary language. I understand that one […]

wet dingus to you all

Sorry for not updates, i was out of town and had some hospital emergencies with my dad who fell off the ladder two weeks ago… This didn’t leave much of time to write or transfer my pictures from my computer to the gallery on this site. Easter was good, I ate way too much.. I […]

new addictions

I must admit I have developed two new addictions; both came as result of new year. One is the primary coverage with writer strike and lack of good television i have been addicted to wolf blitzer ( who in my mind is tool ; they should never get rid of Arron Brown) and the Microsoft […]