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couple of updates

If you are using wordpress 2.5.1 and advanced TinyMCe 3.0.1 you might experience some errors. After the upgrade TinyMCE stopped working. If you are using it you might have to uninstall/reinstall Advanced TinyMCE on your blog. In other news the new I-phone is here and i’m pretty sure (99.99% sure) that it will be my […]

oh my digg addiction

Most of my projects at my old job are officially turned over to other people. I’ve been refreshing my knowledge of cfml and reading a bout coldfusion 8. I can’t escape my digg addiction. This geek cartoon is right on time. Also check out this life expectancy calculator pretty interesting ; according to this I […]

oh mother of virtual computing

I spend most of the day at work playing around with Virtual server 2005 R2. Specifically installing the new Ubuntu 7.10 release. For one reason or another cdrom will not mount. I’ve decided to try something different, since i know for a fact version 7.04 works on VS2005 i decided to install that version first. […]

itunes… songbird is way better

For several years we all heard about how awesome is Itunes and how easy it is to operate. Let’s face it if you had an ipod that software was necessary to upload all the goodies to your new toy. Well over the time it became to big. Well wait no more, and I do realize […]

what happened

If you are one of the 5 or so people who accually reads this from time to time you might ask yourself a question. WTF happened to some of the blog entries and old new pictures. Well that is good question.. The truth is no one knows. My web provider, now dead one day […]

office art office must be have one the coolest mural/wall paintings in the office i have seen. The murral was painted by David Choe, check out his website here as well as some of his work at outer edge studio. This just another reason why myspace can’t ever compete with facebook, in design world or offices […]