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Off to az

I’m off for little family vacation to Sedona and grand canyon or as my mom calls it the great onion. Hitting up some single track tomm morning.


Last week Megan an I went to Twin cities to unwind for a little bit… The trip started off pretty lame as I had to drive through 6 hours or rain, sleet and snow… We finally made our way to the hostel. Which was pretty nice… Since it was pretty crappy outside we just […]

The weekend/new bike

The great unpacking is done, and finally the house is looking pretty good… Now to phase two of the project which includes a lot of repainting: including the master bedroom, hallway and the bathrooms as well as another couple of projects…. This weekend went fast Friday Megan and I went to see an Opera, AIDA […]

Florida write and commute

Well the florida vacation came and went. I’ve been kind of busy with work ever since I came back. Jacksonville beach is pretty nice place to visit, but probably not live. It takes 20-30 minutes to get anywhere and people have that annoying southern accent. The beach and ocean themselves are pretty sweet I must […]

i’m out to warmer weather

I’m going on little vacation to Florida with the family. We’re going to Jacksonville, fl for some ocean viewing and I really don’t know what else. The Castillo de San Marcos looks like it’s the ticket, so is the Cummer museum and gardens. When I get back it hopefully be a bit warmer. Bike to […]

Happy b-day to me

Last weekend was way to crazy write down all the details of what happened, for one i was to busy; secondly I wasn’t near a computer this weekend. The following list will basically outline my weekend more in bulleted list form

I’m not good at guitar hero I don’t know what me in 08 is […]