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there and back again

Well not it’s not story from Bilbo Baggins. As some of you know Megan and I took our Summer vacations to Peru. In short it was great. I read somewhere that people who travel overseas try to classify their travels as strangely unique where in reality their travels are pretty similar to all the other […]

this will be quick

We made it to cusco a first glance at andean culture first hand, very very cool. I feel like giant amongs little people. The high altitude was a bit of a adjustment but with help of coca leaves we┬┤re managing just fine. .

Now for the bad news we have to leave a day earier […]

not that much

I’m in trainning whole week. yey for SQL 2008 trainning. It’s cold and wet i’ve been riding my cross bikes like it’s going out of stylie. The peru trip is almost finalized waiting for another agency about calco canyon and trying to figure out why wellsfargo is bunch of douches and won’t let me buy […]

arizona dreaming

So Miss Megan an I decided to visit my brother in Tucson, AZ before he moves to Chicago. The timing of the trip couldn’t be any better… It was crappy and raining in good old Omaha. I got to see what the whole deicing of the plane, weird stuff. The plan for Arizona was simple […]

almost spring time

I’m not sayin that because of nice weatehr outside… the ped bridge is still not packed with people… but soon.. I just got my first 2009 dirt rag magazine slim but still great. And what is that they have new magazine coming out as well. While fixing a computer at work today I got talking […]

grand onion write up

So the trip to the northern Arizona is now over another family vacation’s in the books for most part it was pretty good time. The itinerary for the trip was Sedona and Grand Canyon both pretty neat destinations. The trip was going to include a lot of hiking, some biking and beer drinking ( all […]