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Chicago St. Patricks day

Being spring break  for MK, we decided to got to Chicago,  this is my brothers last couple of months living in that city.  As he says there is nothing glamorous about St. Patrick’s in Chicago. But you do have to experience it yourself to get the full effect of the event.

Chicago River greener […]

and I’m back

So we have been gone for couple of weeks. MK finally got to experience Poland. I will probably post some pictures from that trip later. The whole trip was great, we met some new family members saw a lot of Polish UNESCO sites and went to a epic polish wedding which spanned about 10-11 hours. […]


No, no not Union Pacific, I meant Upper Peninsula. That’s where I was last week. This was my first visit to U.P. I’ve never been that far north, it was pretty exciting new experience for me.

As some of you might know I work for the National Park Service, no I’m not a ranger, no […]

back to regularly scheduled…..

So we are back. Last 3 weeks were pretty crazy. First things first. Megan and I got married on July 10th. After couple of years of me bugging her she finally relented. The wedding, house full of polish people and sweet sweet honey moon with my lady 3 weeks off work, worries and biking. Great […]

Pipestone, MN

Yesterday I came back from Pipestone, MN the local claim it’s home of the peace pipe and who can argue with them as far as I know that’s the only giant piece pipe that I have seen in the middle of the town. Yes it was cold you know YA


Trip to STL

While everyone one back @OMA/@LIN was surviving the worst winter ever… even worse than anything exepriecene by Micheal Landon’s fictional family in middle of the prairie… Well I was not there man…. I was @STL for work at Jefferson Expansion Memorial, actually I’m here until Friday night. I took some pictures of both […]