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Well after almost a decade in 21st Century we finally have 21st century President. Megan and I went to Hilton last night. We met up with her Sister/Husband and Ronnie her brother as well Aimee and Lowell. The scene was pretty crazy. There was feeling of excitment in the air. The diversity of […]

November 4th

The lines was somewhat longer then normal this morning. I had to wait 30 minutes. Here how I see the whole thing breaking down. I don’t want to get to excited as last time that happened it was a not the result i though it would be.


really representin

really white women you can just bust out representin like that.. Plus what the hell is a terrorist jab you tell me after you watch this clip

tuesday night

CCNA training has been going pretty well for most part. Last night I went out and got 2 laps in at Manawa , T-bone and Charlie were out there as well. I will try to hit up some trails rest of the week. While in training I’ve come across the portion control article which is […]

tnr call

I’ve been riding for several weeks now, some people not too much something about excuses or something to such effect. Well if you would like to feel like you are awesome, which you might or might not be, meet us up for TNR on the Wabash with should be pretty fun. If you have steaming […]

busy weekend

No riding this weekend. I spend most of the weekend doing yard work and figuring out my vw’s ignition timing, this is to no avail. I’ read the race at Swanson was pretty busy.. It was actually pretty nice to go and relax in yesterday in the afternoon. If you would like to read an […]