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busy weekend

No riding this weekend. I spend most of the weekend doing yard work and figuring out my vw’s ignition timing, this is to no avail. I’ read the race at Swanson was pretty busy.. It was actually pretty nice to go and relax in yesterday in the afternoon. If you would like to read an honest take about realities of U.S. today read this article. Do not forget to vote in the primaries next week.. The pedestrian bridge is now officially connected to Iowa… If I had camera I would take picture…

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  • Sara

    Just wanted to say the article you had a link to was so right on…I just had a discussion with a conservative who is dead set on voting for McCain last weekend about exactly what is written about in the article-bringing the focus back to America and making it better. He completely dismissed what I said as if it were the dumbest thing he had heard in a long time. I don’t understand how people can just totally be in denial about the realistic state of our wonderful country. I guess I’ve been thinking about it a lot because I was in Dallas and went to the site where JFK was killed and it was so sobering to replay the history of the U.S. from then to now in my head and see where we now stand. It made me nostalgic for a time in this country I’ve only read about and seen videos of because I truly do believe it was a better time, and I, as so many others, want back what has been lost and want so badly to look forward to today and the future with optimism about what we are now and in the future going to accomplish in this country as a united whole.

    Sorry for the ramble…this has just been on my mind the last several days.

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