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breck 100

Minus a trip to Salida back in 2008 I would say my riding in high altitude has been somewhat limited. Needless to say it was a bit of a challenge of how to race 100 miles at 8000 ft. of elevation.   The plan was formulated. MK and I will go to CO early spend our anniversary there and get ready for the race Sunday.

On side note, we’ve been married 2 years and I figured that’s about the right time to introduce my wife to steak tartar. We had great time at Denver in nice B&B and enjoyed great dinner.

We got to Breck Wed and proceeded to get ready and ride. Peaks trail was waiting.  That trail might have been a bit of challenge for MK but she proved to be a trooper and rode total of 10 miles.

Thursday I rode the loop 1 that was a first for me, climbing for over an hour and descending for 20 minutes not something Midwestern dudes are used to but I did the best with 29 HT that I could.

Rest of the week there were slow steady ride rest of the NE chapter got to Breck, some nervous people some not so much.  It was during that time I formulated my plan for the race. Climb strong, limit your efforts, keep the HR down to 170 or less and chill and replenish on the downhill then repeat.

Mandatory lineup


Loop one

Loop one was rollercoaster. I took off in the middle of the pack rode with the same people the whole loop. I noticed rest of the NE crew behind me halfway up the climb was I going to hard? My Garmin said 160s so I just proceeded to climb got to the top and started to ride down the pass.  If you are a local I will let you pass on the trail I figured it would be make that time up somewhere else.   After I got to the bottom of the trail it was time to eat and rehydrate. I was a bit surprised when Ryan Feagan blew by me on the paved section of the trail but then stopped at the aid station. After riding that trail 2 in 3 days I figured out most of the lines and after climbing wheeler pass the climbs seems more Midwest oriented power climbs.   The only noticeable thing that I saw during that time is an old dude peeing in his Chamois (uhhh come one dude are you serious that’s just plain dumb) Rolled in about 3:15 got some fluids and bars and I was off for more.


Loop 2


Was a bit of blur? Lil French rd. was nasty but the downhill from there and the whole Colorado trail was awesome. There was gravel rd. somewhere along the route near the finish it went on forever. I noticed rumbling and the sky got darker. I was in the hurry mode to get to the start/finish area. Once I got there was no other racers just support crew. I ate some pickles and beef jerky had coke. Someone lubed my chain with wet lube and I was off in about 5-7 minutes.


Down the Colorado  Trail

Loop 3

Had a lot of climbing that’s all I remember is climbing, climbing single track, double track paved road, gravel road whatever. I got to Boreas pass had a coke and filled my water bottles and I was off.  The descent was a bit sketchy as it just rained and I had no knowledge of the trail.  But it was flowy single track 8 miles of it or so. After that there was rocky section somewhere some nice single-track and that was it.  From Como rd. checkpoint there is about16 mile miles of gravel rd. and about 3-4 miles of single-track to the finish.  It was then then I knew I would finish and do well. The only thing I was worried about at this point is not getting caught by anyone from Nebraska.  I rode enough gravel to know that all you need to do is keep it steady tempo and you will reel people in. That’s what happened I passed all the 100 mile people who didn’t stop at the last checkpoint.  I started to calculate my time and I would finish around 11:30 mark. Sweet . Getting to finish was sweet there were bunch of support people Somehow I got to the finish line with old chub can in my hand.  All and all it was great race for me I got 5th I automatically proceeded to figure out where I could have picked up the 20 minutes that separated me from the podium. Maybe some next  time.

beer me

Thank to my wife and rest of the NE support crew, you guys were awesome. Thanks for trek bicycle store of Omaha. Superfly frame and 2×10 was awesome that bike is climbing machine.  I would also like to thank the whole Tuesday Night MTB crew … chasing you around L&C is hard but it pays off handsome dividends.





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