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biking weekend

Well this weekend was pretty busy weekend lots to do but the good thing was getting some biking in( other then commuting). Saturday I had work for bit as there was NOC makeover. Moving servers and NAS appliances is not that much fun. Thankfully I had something to keep me going on the morning, their scones are buttery and Delicious.   After that It was time for some Cranksgiving action, Bryan and Bike Masters put on great event this is the second year and unlike last year Eric wasn’t the only one who started off running.  There was  a lot of people who showed up this year. there might of been several more if it wasn’t for cold weather and 17+ mph winds. That’s not that big of a deal if you just riding having some weight on your back sure makes it interesting. Once again i got piece of a painted drivetrain.  My hopes are that in couple of years  I can get complete cranks and maybe a bottom bracket 🙂 But seriously it was great time , awesome soup and good time for everyone… COuple of things number of single speeds/fixed gears was triple of last year, goatheads showed up i might have to run some higher ratio on my bike this cross gear ratio make you somewhat slow on the flats. The night ended with some sweet ultraviolence movie at the films stream.

After skidding on  couple of turns on my commute to work I decided to finally put the gator skins to storage and bust out the cross tires as well as new freewheel then it was time for some bike polo. That was fun except  my right hand well not that coordinated with rest of my body but it was pretty legit.

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