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best laid schemes of mice and men

Well this weekend I went to Mount View, AR to give Syllamos 125k a shot. I felt pretty good heading to the weekend and I knew the trail would be pretty technical in spots. I figured it would be last long ride before DK. Little did I know it was going to be a pretty long/stressful day on bike filled with me sitting on the ground. The drive and pre-ride were not eventful the cabin we got was pretty sweet. The only bummer about the drive was Todd Wixon going all Shrek on my  cinnamon roll, what a brute.


It looked tasty never know…

Early morning we got  everything ready  got to the start. Got ready … the number of 125k riders was not that big maybe 70 total.  The course starts up with 1 mile climb to the single  i was right behind the contenders right where I want to be. Sitting about 15-17th.  I also saw my buddy the ditch guy. Talk about some who has worse luck then me I saw him trying to fix a flat early then he ripped my derailluer clean off right in front of me… Bummer Ditch Guy.

The early morning dew made some of the technical sections pretty much unridable . The yellow section is pretty  good i negotiated it really well got to the check point about 1:20. Topped off the bottle and was good to go … 1 mile from there I cut my sidewall … groovy this would be a major bummer.  5 miles later I would get another flat.  I got slime tube from neutral support van and changed it. Getting the pressure right would be tricky it was so freaking wet you wanted to run lower pressure but not to low to pinch flat.


Now the blue section of the course is pretty technical, most of it would be ridable if it wasn’t supper slick  but that day it was as slip sliding away for sure.  There was creek crossings and infaumous  stairway to heaven  slick rocks for you to kiss with your face.. It’s all there .. Pretty techy stuff.  Regardless, at some point I went the wrong way. I went down the connector trail that is used later in the race. It had course marking but when i rode down to the bottom there was a course block. I rode back and forth trying to figure things out. Finally i rode back to the t intersection and went the other way.  From there it was only about 15 min to checkpoint.  Got some water  and headed out for red trail which was pretty sweet and flowy.  Then  I got another flat.  Changed it and made it back to the aid station and descended down to start of the single track.  Yellow section was dry and 95% ridable I was feeling good.  Rode to the checkpoint changed gloves and headed out to ride red section got another flat i was all out of tube then. I started to patch my tube some gave me a an extra one I changed it rode  to the checkpoint and headed to the finish line where  I got another flat. That would be number 5. I changed that as well and headed to the finish trying not to flat again.

I kind of checkout at flat no 3. I was so far back from everyone i passed the same people multiple times only to flat again.  About 2 hours of stopped time in MTB race that’s a lot. Fixing flats, patching tubes and getting lost  is just not that speedy when it’s 83 % with 90% humidity. It was probably my worst performance on bike for quite sometime. I was feeling really good until getting lost/flats started happening. I should have just quit but I hate quitting. I might need to get back to that place with my solid rubber tires or something.  The course is demanding and the views are stunning, truly beautiful down there.  I’m on fence about doing it again (mainly because it’s always the same weekend as almanzo/royal)


Meanwhile on home front MIKO is 21 lbs, she loves beer and water so I guess she picked up love of beer from me and water from MK TTFN. Time to go a get a new mower this week as mine broke week earlier.




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