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back to regularly scheduled…..

So we are back. Last 3 weeks were pretty crazy. First things first. Megan and I got married  on July 10th.  After couple of years of me bugging her she finally relented. The wedding, house full of polish people and sweet sweet honey moon with my lady 3 weeks off work, worries and biking. Great time for sure Thanks everybody it was great time.


With all this going on there was no biking, just couple of days of hiking. Besides that my last 3 weeks were filled with microbrews, wine and awesome local food both at my parent’s house as well as Nor Cali. Oh man who knew food is so good 😀

This obviously didn’t play well as far as biking is concerned.   It’s pretty amazing how fast you can loose your bike fitness (especially when you are a like me and don’t have that much to begin with )   Mike Douglas this is your chance of taking me on @ tranquility. Next 5 weeks will be pretty tough with racing every weekend.  Some drastic measures had to be done.  Two long days in saddle sounded like great idea in my head, well and it was a lesson in getting your butt kicked.  Some people have different ways of measuring fitness to me the Applewood rd and Epperson RD  in IA are good measuring stick. As suspected the HR was really high and speed was really low… nothing surprising here.  But at end of the day it wasn’t that bad.  Sunday I knew we would be climbing MOD loves climbing, if he says hey  lets go for ride you would be wise to leave your single speed behind, I suppose I’m slow learner. Couple of this hills had me going about 5-6 mph.   But the tempo was pretty low and got hilly 115-117 route in 8 hours and change.

Predictions for next 3 weekends:

  • Sucky race this Sunday
  • Don’t embarrass yourself in Missouri
  • Hopefully have some speed generated to ride with Bonsall for gravel worlds in 3 weeks.

Possible? I think so that should be at least 500-600 miles from today. With some high intensity of WNW ( which will most likely suck  for me)

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