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arizona dreaming

So Miss Megan an I decided to visit my brother in Tucson, AZ before he moves to Chicago. The timing of the trip couldn’t be any better… It was crappy and raining in good old Omaha. I got to see what the whole deicing of the plane, weird stuff. The plan for Arizona was simple go see my brother, hike and drink some good beer show Megan around wonderful town of Tucson. Coolest thing about Tucson bike lanes and trails everywhere and people actually using them. Tucson from cycling point of view would be pretty good you get good elevation gains you have single track, people drive slow. Megan has never been to this town she has never hugged Saguaro Cactus either, well now she can say she did one of those things. On first day we just kind of hung out this whole getting up early business sure can ruin your day. We checked out Dessert Museum it was good except on of the Ursus disappear.  From then on the rest of the week was spend on hiking and baseball.  Tucson has something close to 23 thousand hikes ( well not quite) but  having 3 mountain ranges gives you some option. If I was to rock climbing Tucson would be a great place to go I would assume.. The Seven Falls and Romero Pools hikes were sweet. The cacti and wild flowers were blooming, the weather was nice traffic was down.   The libation department was great as well from great beer (Greenflash’s La Freak might have to be my new fave)  and pizza to sweet Vietnamese and mexican cooking.  Wednesday Megan and I went to Arizona Diamondback game, the game was not a good one first pitch line drive HR but the stadium is nice.  West Coast people have diffrent idea about the baseball games for them I believe it’s place to relax and to get worked up quite different from Midwest/east coast teams…

We made it back home after nice couple of days off, to top off the mini vacation we headed to Waiting room for some Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy action. Place was busy but not packed the show was great I do love me some alt country fiddling. Older crowd for sure all the kiddies must of been at slowdown for some Oberst action.

Biking in to work I realized how windy it really is in Omaha.

2 comments to arizona dreaming

  • lumpy

    It’s been a while since I’ve checked out your web site, and low and behold you mention two things I love. Tucson is a great town. Most people brag up Phoenix, but I’ll take Tucson any day. The desert is beautiful, the culture is rich and the hiking/biking options are epic.
    Bonnie “Prince” Billy is awesome as well. I saw he was coming to town, but spaced it off. I wish I would have gone.

    • I agree on both counts it was good show they played for almost 2 hours. I though you were going to say I love beer as well…
      When I get a bit less lazy (free time ) I will post my pics from the hikes

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