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and I’m back

So we have been gone for couple of weeks. MK finally got  to experience Poland. I will probably post some pictures from that trip later. The whole trip was great, we met some new family members saw a lot of Polish UNESCO sites and went to a epic polish wedding which spanned about 10-11 hours. Poland is bravely stepping into EU and will try to show it’s best side at the UEFA euro cup next year. The national stadium looks pretty sweet.  I managed to sneak some polish spirits across the border we will have them when it’s not freaking hot.

While in Poland MK and I decided to do some sort of cleans as recommended by mrs. mod. So today is day one of the adventure. I don’t know how long we will do it for my guess is 7 days. Thus far the only thing missing is my coffee and since i has been  a while since I consumed caffeine the headaches are all ready here.  We will see how it will go from here.   Next wed seems like forever away….

ON biking note, I have converted my race lite wheels to tubeless with some gorilla tape and and some stans valve cores. Pretty easy set, toughest part of the install getting tubeless tires on the wheel. Equipped with new wheels, I rolled to my first bike ride in 3 weeks at WNW.  It went as expected…. always next week….. Some pics




Greenland 2



la pieta

La Pieta


Home Town



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