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all you need to know


So battle royale was this weekend I’m not Beastie boy but here is what you need to know.

  • I started off really well forth into single track
  • Dude from KC locked up the brakes I totally hit his back wheel
  • Short fly over the bars messed up handlebar
  • I’m in 6 or 7th
  • Pass couple of people
  • Get on Devon (aka 15 y.o wheel)
  • Stay with him for about mile
  • Brake a spoke
  • Hubble back to the finish area (messed up wheel)
  • 3 minutes back of 1st 40 seconds  back of Devon
  • Spicoli wins the whole thing freaking thing
  • Drink some beer and watch marathon cat 1/2  with Roxy, T-bone and Paul
  • Head home

Today we did Mayor’s ride that was pretty cool. Some people showed up to my house we ate pancakes. If you want to listen to Tom Becka “controversial” podcast do it here. I don’t listen to  AM radio or opinion radio if you do that’s good for you ( I have my own opinions seems like waste of time to listen to something for validation or is it just me)

3 comments to all you need to know

  • Good times at the Battle Royale. Good times at the Mayor’s Ride. We stopped at the Blu Line after the ride.

    I’ll get some pictures and videos up at Bike Omaha in the near future.

    Thanks for the pancakes. Very yummy.

  • anytime it was great time today… rolling out on vinton st was sweet

  • Thanks again for hosting the breakfast. The vegan pancakes were yummy. Rolling out with a group like that was a blast, too. I definitely need to get more involved in group rides.

    I took a lot of pictures of the breakfast and the ride. I’ll pick through them and get them posted somewhere soon. Some are bound to turn out OK.

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