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all things must pass

Just like George Harrison album the xc racing season for me is over.   This last weekend was last race of psychopath series at Manawa. I decided to ride 2 races, Cat3 and Single speed.  If I knew two guys from Norfolk wouldn’t show up I would most likely ride marathon, oh well I didn’t know that until the registration closed.     The race for Cat 3 was pretty uneventful  like always 1/2 lap was pretty hot and then it was just  riding out the rest. I slowed down quite a bit and probably talked to Smithy and Jim from Lincoln for about a lap good solid pace.   The only high point of the race was me playing Ben Hur with some guy from35 + category on one of the open spots. First place in race locked up the series. I guess I have to move up next year.

For the single speed I got to demo trek 69er single speed. There really wasn’t much time for me to relax I had to put the pedals on the 69er and  figure out how to make 17.5 frame work for me.  Benefit of having large frames  is the fact you get longer seat post, this wasn’t optimal fit but I was going to make it work.  The race started and it was obvious that I was under geared 32-16 was not enough,everyone left me in dust. While the 69er bike was working really well in tight spots in Manawa the maverick fork (maybe I just didn’t have it setup right, that is possible) is pretty much a piece of shit, I have no idea why would you buy that fork i mean really.  I managed to pass couple of people in my category but at start of lap 3 I knew that  I wasn’t going to catch the guy in front of me and no one was going to pass me on single speed.  Afterwords bunch of people went to guaca maya and had some Mexican food and it was good 😀

So all and all it was pretty good year for racing

  • meet some cool people
  • will get to race for free next year
  • rode 140 miles of Nebraska gravel
  • had a PBR in black hills

What’s happening next year more riding for sure. What will it involve? Probably new bike for road and mtb. More endurance rides, sweet wedding of mine, honey moon, bacon rides.  Stayed tuned @pedal-omaha for Greasy Gravel  Grinders coming near gravel road near you in November as well as Around the Bend meet up with the Lincoln crew.

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