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All cx all the time

So cx is getting ramped for 2012/2013. The consensus seems to be that everyone is getting faster.  The wed night practices are really hard and everyone is just beating the crap out each other. This is translating pretty well regionally.  I think NE racers can go to pretty much any regional race and compete for podiums.  The only bummer is lack of SS fields locally. I understand we do not have populations base to support it so for me its race geared/masters when SS not present.   I love SSCX is super fun eliminates some of the equipment issues and if you know me I do brake some stuff.   So this is a way to break less stuff.   N SS in NE means some trips to KS/MO they have the pretty good fields for SS.   The top tier of the racers there in that category is good prep for usgp SS. Yesterday was not that good of a race.  Something happened on lap one I was on the ground quickly and my chain was off.  It was one of those too fast to catch moments.


Notice the left brake  is at 45 degree angle … oh and Say hello  to KW in the background

By the time I fixed my bike I was in the   beer drinking part of the SS field and some sketchy cat 3 guys.  I did my best effort at chasing people down and made it almost all the way to the podium… off by 10 seconds.  It was good race though. Next weekend will be better. Everyone from our little van had awesome showing.  Arthur Bryant fixed the hunger long rewarding days.

The remount still need some work before the flyovers, and the one at ft. Collins is a steep one

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