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ahh crap oh and they are here

So the weekend could been nicer. It started off well enough I was going to go and meet some people at Swanson… I made it there the plan was to ride several labs before the rains this weekend. Not even a mile into the trail i jumped a log and apparently bumped my bead of the front tire…(wobbly tire is no fun for anyone)  ah crap it’s like 6 pm no riding for me…I was kind of pissed when and got some beer at Beertopia for instant moral improvement. Long shot double IPA is pretty legit I must say..  Saturday I spend whole day running errands, getting the tire fixed, working on my fence getting my grill ready for the season…  Good times… Megan and I went Platte to get some hiking done…

Sunday it rained and it was pretty muggy…perfect mushroom weather… my not so secret spot was filled with people looking for tasty goodness. I’m sure I found as many cigeratte buds as I have mushrooms…But I did get enough for some frying action last night.   The hunt will continue tonight and probably most of the week.

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