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Trex and dirt

Saturday we got up and went to PCL T-rex ride. It’s a good piece of Americana put giant piece of stuff in middle of nowhere. MK loaded up her bike and was set to go. It was nice ride with some good rollers right before. MK went on to crush it with almost 50 mile […]

Chicago St. Patricks day

Being spring break  for MK, we decided to got to Chicago,  this is my brothers last couple of months living in that city.  As he says there is nothing glamorous about St. Patrick’s in Chicago. But you do have to experience it yourself to get the full effect of the event.

Chicago River greener […]

Solitary Laps

Well this long miles are not going to get done by themselves, with strong southern winds and MK running 10k at SAC Musuem in the afternoon it was time to go south. Plan of action was Weeping Water, Syracuse, Elmood Sac Museum. I left early to escape the wind but it was too late. The […]

Zen Arcade pizza

So when on group ride Sunday, Shim told me a secret. “Man when I jam out to Zen Arcade I get hungry ” he said, that’s understandable that is a long punk master piece double LP goodness. He probably got hungry when switching the LP 1 for LP 2. Well I have you covered homie…


DIY==> food craze

I will not bore people with the details of the weekend. The summation is this…

Noah and I Slugged away 100 miles Saturday it was a grind with about 40 miles into the headwind and with only two people, it is hard work. But it’s done I think he will be out on next weekends […]

where were you 4 years ago?

So last night after the ride , MRS. MOD asked me “where were you 4 years ago?” I can tell you where… not riding bikes that’s for sure. Let just say I wasn’t a pinnacle of heath back then, I was a lot chubbier and not so healthy both mentally and physically and things needed […]