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Jingle Cross Rocks

Originally I was going to  do this whole racing thing all the way to Nationals, but man that’s another month or racing, training now being  home.   My reasons for calling it a season are 3 folds. One I needed a break, since October I spend many weekends on the road,  and I’m sorry this stuff […]

Ne cx championship

First of all I must say John Lefler and Sean Craig, put on hell of show for everyone. The course was nice and technical, spectator friendly  and hooligan hill was of the hook… as always.  Last year I spend both day watching various people ride away from you me in SS race. I was determined […]

360 & boulvard cup

Saturday Morning Mod, Mk and I loaded up the van and headed south to Kasas City, kansas. I decided to race my single speed as racing that division is just really fun for me. Plus it simplifies things no shifting just pedal.

Day 1

You never know what i doing to happen when you go […]


If you know me, you know I love pork. I have all kind of useful and useless pork trivia and I can talk about preserving meat by smoking and drying for hours. Weirdly only Joshua was willing to talk at length about the given subject. Alas… I can tell you more in person. Last evening […]