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You can Go with….

Lewis and Clark monument, gawkers everywhere. Just to think 100 years ago these people would be scrambling to save their households. Now it’s cheap thrill and something to pass the time.


There is also this, the mysterious #2. The premier of this bike will be at Gravel Worlds. That’s all folks


It’s a family affair

Hey Water, we should walk our bikes next to it !!!!

String of Bad Luck

So DK200 2011 is in the books, it was long long day. Before I get into specifics i would like to thank the support groupie MK, my awesome wife, and troy for riding with me for majority of the day. It was great day and the lessons learned from previous year did served me right […]

edge of the storm

2011 edition of Dirty Kanza is upon us. It’s been a year since the last one. WE will see what happens. MK has agreed to come with for moral/physical support.. more to come after…


Just riding around. I got to 1000 by end of May. sweet… We are having epic 100 year flood event good think I don’t work at USACE anymore I probably be working overtime for the flood event. Here some pictures. ….

P.S. The rumors are true my fable attempt at flying resulted in fall that […]