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Jesus don’t want me for sunbeam

What a weekend. It’s really a blur of mud, wind dutch horse buggies and constant pedaling yeah that’s about it. Before I start about the weekend I would like to share something that a Theodore Roosevelt once said.

“It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man […]


Nothing is as frustrating as riding below one’s ability. That’s exactly what I did. On positve notes I finished the race,didn’t brake anything on my bike and found my bike at the start. I could write more about some excuses but the truth is it wasn’t my day… Windy week ahead and then of to […]

Tour of Dirt Roads==> awesomeness

This has been long held believe that riding non paved surfaces is indeed held in lower regards than proper road cycling. The same actors local dismiss it as not sufficient enough or not going fast enough not being kJ friendly. You know who you are and I would assume you position will probably not be […]