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The title of this blog means “great night”, which is Polish name for Easter. While some of my people I knew decided to play in “mud” whole weekend. My family and I packed up the rental van ended headed east to visit my brother in Chicago. We have bunch of close family friends that live […]


So the weekend suppose to be great. Landscaping/bone Bender/ Decemberists. For the most part it was great weekend. Planted some more food. Headed down to Lawrence it was good time. Kevin and I went to pretty good Thai place. This had to be good luck right?

Rest of the peps arrived at the hotel […]


Well majority of the people I usually road with were not available to ride this weekend. First big road race of the year. Even though i spend good portion of riding on road bike, road racing is just something that I just don’t see in my near future. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool to […]

nothing to report

This is was a first race of the season. Not really much to report. I got sick Thursday… tried to get myself in racing shape by Sunday. Didn’t feel 100% on Sunday raced for 3 laps then my rear wheel started to wobble. Got some loose spoke action.This is my first mechanical in 3 years […]