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2011 year in review

If there is one way to sum up my experience on a bike this year it would be rain.  Every big event I went to had some sort of precipitation. In way I felt like Forrest Gump the rain was constant. There was drizzle, summer storms, mud coldness mud bike cleaning triumph, failure, self-doubt, self-pity, anger, relaxation, exhaustion but most importantly happiness. I rode around 7500 miles this year some with old friends, some with new. I spend just as much time on road bike as I did on cross with MTB taking a back seat. There were memorable moments this year but sitting in the Kansas tool shed in middle of summer storm with TK takes the cake, that was a first.
I learned a lot from various people, MOD, RF an Shim took it to me whole year and made me a better cyclist. Thank for all  your help this year.

I did experience some new things couple of new states. I rode in first national event and watched the pros, a stark contrast to AGRC.  Guess what all those people love to bike  and for them what they do is what they think is awesome about biking.  The awesome part  about cycling there is room for everyone.

The most exciting thing  about this year is getting MK into biking, she got a little cx bike and has been riding some with some of the new found lady friends.

On non-biking front

Megan and I went to Poland, that was great. If you never taken 3-4 weeks off,  you should do so that is the way to vacation. MK was super excited about meeting the rest of the family and Poland in general.  It was awesome…

I will leave you with this. See you in 2012poland

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