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Lincoln cx

What a great weekend of biking. So with this being my first cx season, I knew Lincoln had to be on the top of the list of must do races. Last year I skipped it and haulled bunch of concrete from my dad’s place for solid 4 days yeah that was awesome…

Anywho the […]

back to the grind

Well this weekend marked back to the base miles times. With only one weekend of cx left for me it’s time to get back to long rides again. Commuting and 90 minutes of night MTBing doesn’t really count as long ride. So if you have Saturday/Sunday free between now and oh and say april hit […]

joy of commuting

Well last nice week of riding for while. I’m generally happy to switch to Daylight savings time for commuting reason. Riding after work not so much. Better have your winter gear figured out looks like we will need it shortly for sure.

Mo sunrise


marginal utility

I remember reading bike snob article about marginal utility of wins. The article was written about 2 years ago. The basic premise of the article had to do with amount of money spend on bike and your placement in given “race” or in NYC stylee alley cat racing is way to main stream. In […]