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So for last month I’ve been going to chilly greens and getting my but handed to me well by pretty much everyone… Whatever romantic illusions one might have about riding single speed cyclocross guess what I those are really only illusions. In short, one gear is a lot of work and the only reward is […]


This will be short, I went to Branched Oak this weekend,I passed many people clad in red on way there. The course was pretty good. I was forth wheel and maybe 10 seconds of the 3rd place when my seat moved 60 degree counterclockwise,WTH? By the time I fixed the seat i was in 13th […]


Labor Day weekend, that means trip to Spearfish of Dakota 50. The race did fill up to nice 500 people. I believe there was at 20 + people from good old Eastern Nebraska International representing. Megan and I jumped in car around 7 am and drove drove towards are destination. After lunch stop we finally […]