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Well another race is in the books. The day started off with Mr. Wolff driving us to Stanton, NE. The journey was uneventful besides the one turn where Chris was trying to do some Police Academy recreations, just kidding. We got there somewhat late just enough time to get ready and sign the waiver. […]

everyone has a plan…

Before I write about my adventures on bike this Saturday..I would like to thank Corey, Troy, Smidthy, JB and rest of the PCL guys. You guys are awesome bunch and you always have great positive attitude about cycling, in many ways your positive vibe inspire to be better cyclist. All those guys put a lot […]

off to fight scurvy

This is picture from last years GLGA. It was nice low 80’s no humidity kind of a day… not so much tomorrow. See you on the other side.

* Scurvy random facts. It’s caused by vitamin c deficiency.

** Two good sources of vitamin C are sauerkraut and lemon

*** Kriegsmarine used […]

the horror the horror

Those were the last words of Colonel Kurtz in “Apocalypse Now” and Ryan, Megan and I almost experience something of that nature on our drive to Rapture in Misery Race this weekend. Right around St. Joseph the sky opened the wind picked up to about 70 MPH driving on interstate at 35 MPH awesome. At […]

follow the black rabbit

First race back since coming back from 3 week off a bike. I really didn’t have high expectations, just get some miles in and call it good. While mentally you might think I will not do so well and you know this before the race watching it unfold in front of your eyes is quite […]

back to regularly scheduled…..

So we are back. Last 3 weeks were pretty crazy. First things first. Megan and I got married on July 10th. After couple of years of me bugging her she finally relented. The wedding, house full of polish people and sweet sweet honey moon with my lady 3 weeks off work, worries and biking. Great […]