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Mills County Adventure

Saturday can mean only one thing long ride day for me. I had this idea in my head for quite some times mills county and some loess hills action. It was supposed to be moderate day on bike about 100-110 miles, all and all good times. I posted my plans on pedal-Omaha and had five […]

“flying” solo

We’ll I guess i really wasn’t flying more like grinding but you get the point. With DK less than a month away May needed to be solid month of biking. That was the plan originally after Platte it was going to be cross bikes all the time with some some road miles thrown in the […]

Saturday Indeed

With Platte being canceled my people had free Saturday on their hands, some choose to ride their road bikes, some chose to ride dirt in St. Joseph. I opted for waffles and gravel, Megan and I usually don’t see each other on Saturdays, either racing or Megan’s coaching/teaching obligations put us on different schedules. Knowing […]

all in good days work

Well Swanson race came and went. It was perfect conditions for the race. I did line up at start line of marathon event. I didn’t know how to the events will unfold. There was a lot of experience in first row all seasoned endurance riders Cornbread, MG, and the little mustachio buddy EB. […]