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baby steps baby steps

So I got a road bike in the winter and that was pretty much good times it sat on my trainer and i rode it in the winter life was good. I watched 3 seasons of Six Feet under sweetness. Then these Saturday/Sunday rides started and that’s when the learning curve kicked up. Being new […]

Somedays i wonder

You know someday I wish I was as TV personality on local news. That job is pretty cake except for weird hours. Take bring in example you can do following stories:

Flooding (since we live next to big river) People excited about Spring Easter and Fish fries

Well I will be honest the river is […]

first century in books

Saturday I spend most of my day in Lincoln, well it was more like Lincoln vicinity of my road bike. Eric and I loaded up the car early in morning 5:30 am and headed out to PCL event. The weapons of choice for this event was my road bike as much as some people do […]

40’s and dst

melting and freezing process has begun. Riding is getting somewhat sketchy early in morning and late evenings. Road is really the only surfaces which will make PCL event next weekend pretty interesting to say the least, it might be a soup fest in mid-morning. Sunset are getting good DST is right around the corner. More […]


For people who don’t ride year around gloves are not that big of deal. But if you do ride year around you soon will find out a great pile of gloves in your riding closet. Why do I mention it ? Today is March 1st i decided to switch my heary bulky winter gloves to […]